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Welcome to Kala Nera

The region of the Pelion peninsula in the eastern section of Mainland Greece is amongst the most beautiful in the country, and is a place that is perfect for holidays and vacations anytime of the year. Mount Pelion was the home of the mythical centaurs, and the "Playground of the Gods". When you visit Pelion, you will easily understand why the Gods chose this majestic and extremely beautiful location.

Kala Nera - Pelion

Pelion is home to a beautiful array of traditional villages, coastal resorts and tiny hamlets, each of which provides it's own unique charm and beauty.

From the mountainous parts of the peninsula, to the soft sandy coast, wherever you decide to visit in this remarkable part of Greece, you will find beauty and flourishing nature on every corner.

Pelion is ideal for holidays all year round. During the winter, the famous Pelion ski centre is in full operation, and it is extremely popular.

Kala Nera - Pelion

Marianthi Hotel

In the summer, the beautiful beaches and crystal waters of the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf, make this region of Greece one of the most desirable and beautiful, and provides perfect holidays, away from the noise and overcrowding of other destinations in the country.

Whether you are looking for a holiday where you can simply unwind and relax on a quiet beach, or one where you can enjoy a range of activities and adventures, then Pelion is the perfect choice for you.

One of the most popular destinations in Pelion, especially during the summer months, is the famous coastal resort of Kala Nera. Here you will find a fantastic beach with crystal clear waters that is ideal for the hot summer afternoons. There are also plenty of cafe bars, restaurants and tavernas providing you with a great choice for places to eat and drink.

It is here in Kala Nera that you will find the "Marianthi Hotel", from which we are delighted to welcome you to Pelion, and to offer you an excellent selection of comfortable and enjoyable accommodation for your holidays here. Pelion is truly one of the most unique and beautiful parts of Greece, and each year, huge numbers of visitors from all over the world head here to experience an authentic Greek holiday experience.